Project dashboard (pledge managers created before 30 May 2023)

Project dashboard is the "center" of a project. To go to the dashboard, click the tool button in the top right corner and choose which project’s dashboard you’d like to see. You’ll be transferred to the project dashboard. Project dashboard contains all project information, such as the contact address, shipping and payment settings, description, etc.

In the dashboard, you can view the project page, edit the project and its settings. If you haven’t added all the necessary information for a project launch, you’ll be informed about it here. Click the option you want to change to edit it. You'll see the info of missing setup elements until your project is published.

NOTE: You don't have to get 100% for your campaign to launch. Shipping configuration is not required for draft and crowdfunding phases. You'll have to configure it for the pledge manager.

Apart from the necessary information, you can also see the status of extra steps for the project. Here, you can see whether you’ve imported backers or adjusted currencies, etc.:

You'll be able to edit these steps after publishing the project.
Below, there are statistics and analytics. They will be available after your project is published:

At the bottom you can view product ranking:

You can display products using different options.

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