Product sets (pledge managers created before 30 May 2023)

To create a product set, click the tool button in the top right corner, then click "Products" and choose "Products" from the dropdown menu. On the left, you'll see your product categories. If you haven't added any categories yet, read how to do it here. Choose a category and click "+ add product". You'll see the following window:

This is the same step as in adding a product, but to create a set you have to choose "Set" in "Type". You also have to add the set name and price. Click "Save" to add the product set. You can find it in the product category to which you added the set. To configure a set, open the product set by clicking its name on the product list. On the left, you'll see "Product settings".

NOTE: You can't change the product type later. If you saved your product as a piece, you won't be able to change its type to set and the other way round.

General - here you can change the set name, category, prices, size, weight, and shipping cost calculation details. You can also define purchase and stock limits. You can't publish it until you add set items

Description - here you can add and edit set short and long descriptions, any additional info you think is useful, and reviews.

Gallery - here you can add set images. They will be displayed on the project page.

Set items - here you can add items to your set. You can choose a product from the ones that already exist, or add a new one.

Start typing the product name in the "Product name" line to see a list of matching items. Choose the item you want to add to the set, fill in the "Quantity" (how many pieces of this product will be added), and click "Save".

NOTE: All new items and sets are unpublished by default. Go to "Product settings" to make them visible to backers. To do so, change the toggle position of "Is published" to green.

To add more products to the set, repeat the above steps. If you want to create similar sets, you have to add products to every set separately. You can't add a set to a set.

Once you've finished, go to "Product settings" and publish the product. Don't forget to save the changes you made in the settings.

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