Upload backer carts (pledge managers created before 30 May 2023)

If you use Gamefound as a pledge manager after a successful crowdfunding campaign, you can upload the suggested order content based on the pledge the user back initially in your crowdfunding campaign. To do that, you need to export a file with backers and pledges from your crowdfunding platform. You can use this file to upload backers and their pledges. Gamefound transfers the amount pledged to your campaign into credits that can be used in the pledge manager. The credits are converted into the project currency (the one that is set as default in the project settings). It is important to import backers first, otherwise, you won't be able to import their pledge content from crowdfunding. Read about importing backers here. After you import backers, you have to add products to Gamefound. We recommend adding the same product names and content as you offered in crowdfunding. It will make it easier to import user carts and it will be easier for the backers to recognize them. Once you add products, you can import backer pledges from crowdfunding. 

NOTE: Before uploading user carts, make sure that your products are published. Unpublished products won't be imported. You can publish products in the product settings.

We recommend using our template for this. You can find it in the user section of your project. Click the tool button in the right corner of the page, choose the project you want to manage, and click  "Users" in the top menu. Choose "Users" from the dropdown list. Then, click the three-dot button and "Import user carts":

It will open the following window:

Click the  "Example file" to download the template. The file has 4 rows that have to be filled in to be correctly imported:

You should have all this information in the file exported from your crowdfunding platform. Paste all emails of your backers from the crowdfunding platform under  "User". In the "Product" column, you should put the name of the product you added on Gamefound that corresponds to the backer's pledge from the crowdfunding. So, if your base pledge on the crowdfunding platform was "Pledge X" and included only the core box of your board game, the same product has to be added on Gamefound. It doesn't have to have the same name, but it's easier to use the same names for the same products on different platforms. Add proper products next to backer emails. Enter the amount ordered by the backer in "Quantity" and add product options in "Options", if there are any (such as size, color, language version, etc.). Then, save the file and import it in the "User" section of your project. The platform will upload the carts.

NOTE: You can only import emails of users that gave you their consent to do so.

If you want to prevent backers from changing their original pledges imported from the crowdfunding platform, tick  "Lock items in cart". This way, they will only be able to add products to their pledge. Ticking this box will also make it impossible to change product options, such as size, color, language version, etc.

NOTE: Gamefound will show an error message if there's something wrong with the file. The message contains info on what has to be fixed to upload the file correctly.

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