Product options

Some products have special options. These are, for example, size, language versions, or color. If you want to add these options to your product, click the tool button in the top right corner, then  "Products" on the top and choose "Products" from the dropdown list. You'll see the product categories on the left. Choose the product you want to add options to and click its name or "View details" on the right. On the left, you'll see all available settings for this product. On the list, there is the "Options" section. Once you click the section, you'll see the following window:

Here you can add product options. Click "+ add option" to add a new product option. Click the three-dot button to see the menu.

NOTE: This works only with product pieces. It's impossible to add options to product sets.

If you want to change the option name, click "Edit". Click "Delete" to remove the option. "Add value" allows to add suboptions, such as small, medium, big for size, etc.

If you want the options to be visible to backers, leave the toggle button as it is (blue position). When you run out of this product option (you sell out all small sizes, for example), change the toggle to the green position. To change the toggle, click the pencil button on the right. If you want to remove an option, click the trash button.

NOTE: It's impossible to remove a suboption if a backer added it to a pledge.

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