Pledge export

To manage pledges, click the tool button in the top right corner, and choose the project you want to manage from the menu on the left. Choose "Orders" from the dropdown "Orders" menu. You'll see all orders placed in the project. You can search the orders using filters. You can filter orders via order ID, customer, email, and statuses. Click "Reset" to remove all applied filters. You can also select orders you want to export. Tick the orders you want to export and then click the "Export" button. You'll see the following window:

In  "Export type" you can choose what data to export, or which template should be used:
"Orders (detailed)" includes pledges with all order data that can be exported. This includes customer details, shipping info, invoices, product and project info, order value, etc.
"Orders (for shipping)" includes all information needed for shipment and prepayment and final invoices (if they were generated).
"Product summary" includes info about a product: name, quantity, SKU, and if it's a set or piece.
"Order items (standard)" is a standard template that includes a list of all ordered items with shipping and customer info and invoices.
"Order items (Asmodee)" includes a list of all orders with shipping and customer info and invoices exported in the Asmodee template.
"Order items (QML)" includes a list of all orders with shipping and customer info and invoices exported in the QML template.
"Order payments" includes payment details, order status, currency and order, customer, shipping info, and invoices.
In  "Format" you can choose if the file will be exported as an Excel or CSV file.
Tick  "Clean output" if you want to get a file without accents and diacritic marks (like ą, é, etc.).
If you want to see details of an order, click the order id to see the order summary. In the order summary you can see and edit some elements of the order:

These include general, billing, and shipping info, order details. Each section can be edited. Here you can also change the order status manually and generate invoices. Below, you can add products, discounts, and fees.

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