Processing refunds in pledge manager

As a creator, you can make a refund. Find the order you need to make a refund for and delete the item that will be refunded in order details:

Then, click "Edit" next to general info:

Scroll down to "Overcharge strategy", choose "Correction Approved" and save.

Click "Correct overcharge" that appeared at the top of the page:

You'll see the following window:

Here you can see the order ID, overcharged amount, the amount that will be refunded, order date, and type of payment. If you don't want to make an automatic refund using the payment provider used by the backer, tick "External transfer". The payment will not be reversed automatically, you'll have to do it manually using for example PayPal or bank transfer. You can enter any amount to give back to the backer next to "External transfer" but you don't have to tick it.

NOTE: If you're giving back the money via Adyen, don't tick "External transfer". "External transfer" is only for manual refunds and will not be handled automatically by our payment providers. You can still enter the target amount for a refund even if you don't use an external transfer.

In the case of orders imported from Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms, tick "Transaction fee" to subtract the fee the platform charged for using their services. It means that the user will not receive a 100% refund, but the refund amount will be reduced by the cost of the transaction fee made on the crowdfunding platform.

NOTE: Crowdfunding platforms have different transaction fees. You can change the fee amount after you tick "Transaction fee". The amount is set by default to 9% as this is the amount of the transaction fee charged by Kickstarter.

After you set up refund details, click "Next". You'll see a summary of the refund, including the transaction fee amount (if applied). Click "Confirm" to confirm the refund and order cancellation or "Back" if you want to change the refund details.

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