Create pledge manager for imported projects

Before you begin with your pledge manager, you have to create an account.

To start a pledge manager, click the tool button next in the top right corner. Then, click "Creator Dashboard" in the top menu and click "Create project." Then, choose "Start pledge manager."

Here you start setting up a pledge manager. Pledge manager is a phase that starts after a successful crowdfunding campaign. To start a pledge manager, click  "Continue". After you click the button, you’ll see the "General setup" page:

On the left, you can see the information you need to fill in. Some of it is required (project name, project URL, project categories, contact mail, default currency, and campaign goal). We recommend filling in all the fields to provide backers with a comprehensive project description. If you’re ready, click   "Create project". You’ll see a confirmation window.
NOTE: Completing this form doesn’t make your project public yet. It must be reviewed by Gamefound first. Your project will be published after a positive review by Gamefound. Contact us at to get your project reviewed.
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