Create products and categories (pledge managers created before 30 May 2023)

As a creator, you can add products to your project. Backers will be able to add them to their pledge later. To create products, click the tool button in the top right corner and choose the project you want to manage.

Then click   "Products" and choose   "Products" from the dropdown menu. You’ll see the following screen:

To add a product, you need to create a product category first. They will help you keep your products in proper groups. Click "+ new category" and name it. You can add as many categories as you want.

Confirm the name by clicking the green button. After adding a category, you’ll be able to manage it by clicking the settings button:

You can add a subcategory, delete a category, or manage category settings. In the settings, you can change product names, toggle on and off the "Is featured" option. The product will be displayed at the top of its category with a "Featured" tag.  add a description and additional info. After adding extra information to the product, remember to save the changes. When your new category is ready, click "+ add product". You’ll see the following window:

Enter the product name. When selecting the type, choose if the product is a set or just one piece. Don't forget to add a price. After clicking "Save", you’ll be transferred to general product settings where you’ll be able to add some more information.

NOTE: You can't change the product type later. If you saved your product as a piece, you won't be able to change its type to set and the other way round.

Name - this is how the product will be displayed to users.
Is published - defines if the product is published (visible) to users. If you leave the toggle on the left, backers won't see the product and won't be able to add it to their carts.
Is featured - defines if the product is displayed as most recommended at the top of the product section with a "featured" tag. 
Type - defines if it's a piece or set.
Category - here you can change the product category.
Normal price - the basic price of the product. If you add a discount price, the normal price will be grey and crossed out.
Discount price - this price will be displayed next to the normal price:

SKU - Stock Keeping Unit
On the left, there is a menu with other product settings.
Go to  "Description" to add an abstract, description, more info, and reviews. 
Choose  "Gallery" to add images to the product. 
Click  "Options" to add product options. Product options are, for example, size, language version, color. 
To edit your products, click the settings icon, and go to  "Products".
Find the product you want to edit and click the  "View" icon next to it:

You’ll be transferred to the product settings where you can edit them.
NOTE: After you set up shipping options, remember to add calculation rules for your products. You can find the shipping section at the bottom of the general settings of a product:

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