Become a Creator

To become a creator, you have to set up an account on Gamefound. Here you can find our guide on how to create an account on our platform. If you have an account, click here to become a creator. If you're not logged in or haven't set up an account yet, you'll have a choice to log in or sign up.
You’ll see the following message if you already have an account on the platform and are logged in:

As you can see, your creator profile will be linked to your email. Choose your creator name (this is how other Gamefound users will see you) and click "Continue". You'll then have a choice to either create a project straight away or go to your settings. If you decide to fill in your account information first, go to creator settings. Click the tool button in the top right corner and click "Creator" in the top menu, then choose "Creator settings".
In creator settings, you can edit general creator settings, your identity, and communication channels.
In "General", you can set up a display name and write a description. The "Display name" is the name of your company that will be displayed to the users. You can change the creator name later, but the URL will not change. In the description, you can write a few words about your company.
You can preview the name and description by clicking "View creator page":

In "Identity", you can add your avatar and background images.
In "Communication channels", you can add links to your social media channels (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter) and to your website.
These are all the info you need to fill in before you create a project. You can now proceed to the next step – importing your project from a crowdfunding platform.
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