Stable Pledge for backers - how does it work?

Stable Pledge is a special program for backers and creators. Creators can join with their project to ensure a full refund for backers under specific circumstances. 

At the start of the campaign, the creator has to declare the cost of products and their general shipping cost on the project page. If any of these estimates increase by more than 10% in value after the crowdfunding's end,  backers can ask for a refund, and the creator declares to give back the money to the backers affected by the estimation change. In such a case, the creator will refund 100% of the price paid by the backer. In such a case, Gamefound will refund its fee to the creator for these pledges. When the creator announces a change in pricing after the campaign's end, backers have 2 weeks to ask for a refund.


Prices declared on the project page:

Shipping to Canada - 10-20$
Shipping to Germany - 15-25$

The final prices:

Shipping to Canada - 25$
Shipping to Germany - 25$

In this case, the Canadian backer is eligible for a full refund, as the estimates changed by more than 10% ($20-$25). For the German backer, there was no change, so the regular refund policy of the project applies.

NOTE: The backer has to contact the creator directly and request a refund within two weeks of the announcement made by the creator. The announcement needs to be done by a project update with email notifications sent to backers.

Please remember that it is the creator who is solely responsible for refunds.

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