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FAQ for backers


33 articles

Pledge manager

28 articles

FAQ for creators

Project setup

How to set up a crowdfunding project, late pledge or pledge manager.

41 articles

Managing rewards and add-ons

How to create and edit your products

6 articles

Managing pledges

How to handle backers' pledges.

16 articles

Managing backers

Creating backer groups, exporting backers, etc.

7 articles

Communicating with backers

FAQ, polls and update configuration.

7 articles

Marketing and analytics

All about project data, analytics and marketing.

14 articles

Payments and refunds

Articles about fees, taxes, payments, refunds, Stretch Pay and more.

10 articles

Preparing a crowdfunding campaign

1 article

Setting up a pledge manager and late pledge

7 articles

After launch of a pledge manager

Useful articles after the PM launch

2 articles