Stretch Pay - how to pay for a pledge in installments?

Stretch Pay enables you to split payment for your pledge into smaller amounts. The number of installments depends on the creator and is the same for every backer. The creator also sets up the minimum amount of pledge that unlocks installments. For example, if the minimum amount is 100$, your pledge must be over that amount for you to see the Stretch Pay option when choosing a payment method.

NOTE: please keep in mind that Stretch Pay won’t have influence over your credit score whatsoever.

If Stretch Pay is enabled for a project, you'll see proper info next to rewards*:

*minimum pledge value = 100$, 5 installments

If your pledge can be settled with Stretch Pay, you'll see the following window with the payment plan:

All info concerning the installments will be sent to you via email.

You can preview the payment plan at any time in your pledge.

NOTE: If Stretch Pay was enabled during the campaign and you want to switch your payment from a regular method to split payment, you have to make changes to products in your pledge (e.g., add an item and then remove it), save changes and choose Stretch Pay as your payment method.


The payment processor will make three attempts at intervals of 48h to draw the money from the backer's account. If the attempts are unsuccessful, the backer can remotely pay the missing installment with one click in the "Your pledge" view. We'll send email notifications after every unsuccessful attempt. The backer can also pay off the whole amount at once. 

It is possible to switch to another card to pay off the installments.

Resigning from installments during crowdfunding

As long as the campaign is live, backers can cancel their pledges and will not be charged for any of the installments (just as in the case of backing without installments).

Resigning from installments after crowdfunding

The backer can either pay off the whole amount and ignore the payment plan or contact the creator to discuss the possibility of a refund (if there is any). Each project has its own rules for refunds and installments.

Multiple purchases with Stretch Pay

Currently, you can have only one Stretch Pay payment per project. You can't use it again once you pay off the previous one in full. So, if you used Stretch Pay to pay for a pledge in crowdfunding and want to add more items from the project in the pledge manager, you can't use installments to pay for the new items.

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