Following other users

You can follow other users on Gamefound and keep up to date with their gaming interests and most important activities. You can see all people who follow you and are followed by you in your profile, as well as all your backed and followed projects and comments. You can view profiles of others to see the same information - their backed and followed projects, comments they left in various discussions, and their community.

To view your profile, click the dropdown menu on the right next to the cart icon and select "view profile." You can view all projects you've followed or backed, all your followers and people you follow, and all your comments in one place.

How to follow other users?

  1. You can follow users directly by clicking their user name in the comments and clicking "follow":

You can also view this user's profile by clicking "view profile."

  1. You can also follow a user by visiting their profile through a direct link. To do that, you need to know their profile URL. Ask your friends for profile links to follow them!

How to unfollow other users?

You have a list of all people you're following in your profile. Go to your profile, click "Following," and find the person you want to unfollow. Click the "unfollow" button on the profile tile.

You can also unfollow a user by visiting their profile and clicking "unfollow" there.

Profile preview and privacy

Some profiles are private and can't be followed. Read more about public and private profiles.

If a user has set the profile as public, you can see their profile overview, project list, followers, comments, bio, and social media links (if added).

Community life notifications

You can get emails with a summary of what your community has been doing recently - their comments, recently followed projects, etc.

You can set the frequency of these messages in the communication preferences. You can also disable them.

Your feedback

Got any feedback? Contact us and let us know what you think about this feature and what else you'd like to know about users you're following. We keep developing this feature so your opinion is valuable! We'll add more options in the future.

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