What are instant payments and how do they work on Gamefound?

Instant payments in crowdfunding

How does “instant” work in crowdfunding?

We know for a fact some people just don’t have credit or debit cards or just prefer using their favorite payment methods that are instant. Now, you can support the project you believe in instantly and still get a full refund if you change your mind during the campaign. The only thing a backer has to do is to contact the creator with a cancellation request.

How do we secure your funds?
Creators can make refunds during crowdfunding only for 100% of the funds, and they don’t pay anything for it. Gamefound covers the payment processing fees. The money from instant payment methods is unavailable to the creator in any other way before the campaign finishes. Backers’ funds are safe on a special Adyen account the creator can access only to make a refund through our system, and the funds are paid out only after the campaign’s successful end. So, when the campaign doesn’t reach its goal – you get a refund just as anyone else.

Instant payments in pledge manager and late pledge

Instant payments in the pledge manager and late pledge stages are just another payment option. In these project stages, you pay upfront for the pledge.

Refunds and cancellations depend on the creator/project. Each project has its own refund and cancellation rules.

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