How can I pledge in pledge manager?

If you want to pledge to a project, choose the project you want to contribute to and open its campaign page. You'll see info about when the campaign ends, how much money it has collected so far, and how many backers contributed. To support it, click "Back this project". You'll be transferred to available rewards and add-ons. Choose the items you want to purchase and add them to your cart. You can also leave a tip for creators for no reward. If you want to edit your pledge, click "Manage your pledge" on the right. When your pledge is finished, click "Submit pledge", or "Check out". You'll see a summary of your pledge and you'll be asked to fill in the shipping information and shipping method. If you added anything in the pledge manager, you'll see the amount you have to pay for these items. At this stage, you can still change your mind and remove some items. NOTE: It may be impossible to remove or add some items. You'll be asked to provide payment details and then you can submit your pledge by clicking "Submit order". You can view all your pledges in your profile.

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