Tax and EU VAT handling in crowdfunding and pledge manager

Gamefound handles the EU VAT settlement for creators. If you’re based outside the EU and use an EU hub for fulfillment, you don’t need to care about collecting taxes in the European Union. We collect the VAT for you and settle it with the proper tax office. Then, we will send you documentation with settlement confirmation that can assist you in import VAT recovery.

If you don’t use the shipping hub for the fulfillment, Gamefound still settles the taxes for orders up to €150 value. European Union’s regulations say if the product shipped is worth more, it’s the creator’s duty to pay this tax. In such case, VAT money will still be collected by Gamefound, but we’ll transfer taxes for pledges exceeding €150 to your bank account. Your logistics partner can use it to handle tax-friendly delivery for you.

Before you launch the campaign, you have to check the tax configuration. Make sure the default tax rate for each location is correct, or change it according to your tax jurisdiction.

To change tax value, go to "Shipping" -> "Locations" and choose a location from the list by clicking "View details":

You'll see the location details and the following fields at the bottom:

Here you can define the tax rate and name. The tax is automatically calculated and added to the pledge at checkout:

NOTE: The tax will be added in two stages - for the pledge in crowdfunding and for shipping and additional items in the pledge manager. This works for all taxes: the EU VAT and any other taxes defined by the creator.

Different tax rates for various products

Your project may contain rewards that should be taxed with reduced VAT rates in certain jurisdictions. In such a case, contact your Key Account Manager with a request to set up a proper tax rate.

NOTE: You need to fill in the questionnaire available here. Contact your Key Account Manager to get detailed info about taxes. They will send a pdf file with all the necessary info.

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