Referral links

NOTE: This feature is available only for crowdfunding campaigns run on Gamefound. If you imported your campaign to pledge manager from an external crowdfunding platform, you won't see this feature.

Referral links were created to show real and accurate data about your campaigns.

If you want to create and share a referral link, click the tool button in the top right corner and choose the project you want to manage. Go to   "Project" and choose "Referral links" from the list. Then, click "add a referral link". You'll see the following window:

"Display name" is a title for your use only. You can name it as you want to make it easy to find when filtering links.

"Status" defines if the link is active or inactive. Click the three-dot button on the right to change the status. If the status is set to inactive, the link won't work at all.

"New orders" is the number of new orders made through this referral link. Any changes made to the order don't influence the number of orders.

"1 day" means that a person made a pledge within 24 hours after clicking the link.

"7 days" means that a person made a pledge within 7 days after clicking the link. 1-day pledges are included here.

"Income" means all pledges made through this referral link with no time frame (without pledge reductions).

"Total" means all pledges made through this referral link with no time frame (including pledge reductions).

Moreover, the links are overwritten. The attribution of transactions goes to the link that was clicked last. Also, if someone cancels a pledge, it will also be taken into account in the data. 

Referrals are attributed to a user or a cookie. It means that if a user is logged in and uses a referral link on any device, the order will be attributed to the last clicked referral. If a user is not logged in, the referral is attributted to a cookie. So if a pledge is made in the same web browser after a while (up to 28 days), it will be attributed to the referral stored in the cookie.

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