Stretch goals

To add stretch goals to your campaign, click the tool button in the top right corner and choose the project you want to manage. Click "Project settings" -> "Stretch goals" and then "Add stretch goal"

NOTE: There are two types of stretch goals: manual and automatic. Manual stretch goals have to be unlocked by hand but they can be anything you want - choose this option if you want to add a customized stretch goal. Automatic stretch goals unlock by themselves. You just have to choose if the automatic goal is the number of backers, amount collected, or campaign day. 

The full list of stretch goals will be displayed in the project description:

The next stretch goal to unlock will also appear at the top of the project, below the amount collected and number of backers:

Here's the setup for both types of stretch goals:

Each stretch goal has to have a name. Here you can also publish and unpublish the stretch goal (unpublishing is possible until the end of the crowdfunding) and define if it's featured or not. Then, you'll have to add an image and description of the goal. You can also add more info if you want.

If you want to add an automatic stretch goal, read on. If you want to add a manual one, scroll down.


To add an automatic goal, change the toggle position to automatic. Then, choose the target type from a dropdown menu: backers count, backed funds, or campaign day. Each target has a different value. You can define it below the type. E.g., if you want the stretch goal to be unlocked after collecting $10,000, choose "backed funds" and enter "10000" in the target value. If you want it to unlock on the 3rd day of the campaign, choose "campaign day" and enter "3" in the target value field, etc.

Note: Time-based stretch goals that you set to launch, e.g., on the 2nd/5th day of the campaign, are published when the campaign starts.


To add a manual stretch goal, change the toggle position to manual. Then, define the "Target type". You can enter here anything that's not defined by the automatic goals. For example, the number of followers on social media.

The "Target value" is the number that has to be reached to unlock the goal. For example, 10,000 followers on social media. You can add "Target description" if you want.

After the goal is reached, the creator has to unlock it. To unlock the stretch goal, change the toggle position to "Yes" next to "Unlocked".

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