Starting a crowdfunding campaign

To start a crowdfunding campaign, click the tool button next in the top right corner. Then, click "Creator Dashboard" in the top menu and click "Create project". Then, choose "Start crowdfunding". After you click the button, you’ll see the "General setup" page:

Add the project name and choose the URL. The URL is set by default but you can change it before the campaign goes live. Then, select project categories and add a short description.

Then, you can add an thumbnail and cover image for your project. Add your contact e-mail, define your legal entity type (if you're setting up this campaign as a business or individual), and location. Then, you'll be able to choose the currency based on your country. Enter the minimum amount of money you want your campaign to collect in the campaign goal. Then, click "Create project" and go to the project dashboard to start setting up a preview page.

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