Crowdfunding payments

To set up payments for crowdfunding, you have to fill in your business account first. Read how to do it here.

Once you fill in all the required information, click the tool button in the top right corner and choose the project you want to manage in "Creator" -> "My projects". Go to "Project settings" and choose "Payments". You need to go through the "Know your customer" process (KYC) on the external platform of our payment provider. You'll be asked to provide the bank account details necessary for verification. These include company details, bank details, and the identity of UBO.

Once you finish filling in all the details, click "Complete" to submit your profile for verification. You have 30 days to provide information for verification or your account will be suspended. The verification process may take a while.

NOTE: if you're publishing a campaign draft, it's best to send your account to payment verification as soon as possible, because Gamefound will not allow a campaign to launch crowdfunding with missing payment details and an unverified account.

Below "Account holder information" you'll see the status of your account:

Active means that it's been successfully verified.

Inactive means it's being verified.

Suspended means you failed to provide data for verification on time.

You can check the verification status in the "Verification" section. The status will inform you if there is still data missing, or if the verification is in progress or finished.

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