Who can run a campaign on Gamefound?

What projects can be funded:

  • Board games of all kind
  • Tabletop RPGs
  • Collectible miniatures
  • Gaming peripherals (everything from tables to dice)
  • Comic books, books
  • Gaming/geek world-related media projects (such as videos, reports, etc.)
  • Gadgets, apparel connected to gaming/geek world
  • If you’re not sure what can be crowdfunded, just ask us

Who can make the campaign:

  • Companies and individuals, as long as they’re registered in accepted countries, and meet the requirements.

What are the limitations:

  • We reserve the right to accept or refuse campaigns at our discretion. Our top priority is the safety of the backers, and we consider many factors when allowing the campaign. 
  • If it’s your second project, the first one needs to be fully delivered before starting the campaign. That applies to the projects that were run on other crowdfunding platforms, not only campaigns run on Gamefound.
  • In some cases, it is possible to run your next campaign even if not all previous ones have been delivered. Depending on many factors, Gamefound may ask creators for certain documents before making the decision. 
  • We do not accept charity projects. It’s OK for creators to promise some of the funds will serve a good purpose, but the outcome of each project needs to be a product that will benefit the backer.
  • We don’t accept projects offering equity or earnings.
You can find our Terms of Service here.
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