Project detailed description for projects funded on Gamefound

When you create a project, you have to add and edit the project description in project settings:

Depending on the project phase, some sections need to be filled in and published. Each section is unpublished by default.

NOTE: Publishing a section won't make it visible to the backers before the specific stage is launched. If you don't publish the sections - they won't appear on the project page after launch. So, if you publish the sections in "crowdfunding campaign" when the campaign is in the preview stage, these sections will be published only after crowdfunding launch.

The detailed project description has a few sections added by default:

In crowdfunding draft (preview page): project story and reward section (including add-ons and stretch goals)

In crowdfunding campaign: project story, reward section (including add-ons and stretch goals), risks and challenges, refunds, and cancellation

In pledge manager: project story, reward section (including add-ons), refunds, and cancellation

In every stage, you can add more sections that will appear on the left on the project page:

Adding animations/videos

You can upload your own MP4 (max size: 20MB) by clicking the camera icon:

Note: The recommended width for a video is 840 px or more and 1:3 or 2:3 proportion. The height should be divisible by 8 to display correctly.

You can also add embedded videos by clicking the Youtube miniature icon where you can add the video URL:

Adding images

To add an image, click the image icon and choose what you want to upload from your computer:

Note: The recommended image width is 840 px or more.

Adding sections

To add a new section, click " add section" at the top or bottom of the page:

You can name the section however you want and the section header will be displayed on the navigation list. You can also change its position by clicking the three-dot button on the right:

You can't delete required sections, but you can move and unpublish them. Unpublished sections have a yellow frame. Once you publish them, the frame will change its color to gray.

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