Project detailed description

When you create a project, you have to add and edit the project description in project settings:

Depending on the project phase, some sections need to be filled in and published. The detailed project description has a few sections added by default:

In crowdfunding draft: project story and reward section (including add-ons and stretch goals)

In crowdfunding campaign: project story, reward section (including add-ons and stretch goals), risks and challenges, refunds, and cancellation

In pledge manager: project story, reward section (including add-ons), refunds, and cancellation

In every phase you can add more sections that will appear on the left on the project page:

Adding animations

You can upload your own MP4 (max size: 20MB) by clicking the camera icon:

Note: The recommended width for a video is 840 px or more. The height should be divisible by 8 to display correctly.

You can also add embedded videos by clicking the Youtube miniature icon where you can add the video URL:

Adding images

To add an image, click the image icon and choose what you want to upload from your computer:

Note: The recommended image width is 840 px or more.

Adding sections

To add a new section, click "add section" at the top or bottom of the page:

You can name the section however you want and the section header will be displayed on the navigation list. You can also change its position by clicking the three-dot button on the right:

You can't delete required sections, but you can move and unpublish them. Unpublished sections have a yellow frame. Once you publish them, the frame will change its color to gray.

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