Payouts in crowdfunding

FAQ about crowdfunding payouts

1. When will you get the money from crowdfunding?

The funds paid by the backers are credited to your account in Adyen after three to five business days. Adyen pays out the balance to your bank account in weekly intervals - each Friday night (between 12:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. CET/CEST).

2. What's the minimum period between the campaign's end and the first payout?

There is a three business days gap between charging the backer’s card and receiving the funds by Adyen. Payouts are initiated once a week, on the next Friday after Adyen receives the funds.


If a campaign ended on Thursday (2 Dec), the funds will be credited to your Adyen account on Tuesday (7 Dec) and the first payout will be initiated on Friday (10 Dec), and the next one - next Friday (17 Dec). If the payments will still be processed on the 16th of December (payments are processed up to 2 weeks after the campaign's end), the last payout will be initiated on the 24th of December.

Bear in mind that the payout is initiated at night (CET/CEST), from Thursday to Friday. Depending on your location, the transfer will be credited to your bank account on Friday or the next Monday.

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