Publishing a crowdfunding campaign

NOTE: You can publish a project preview by yourself, but we need to verify your campaign before it goes live.

After publishing a campaign preview, the project dashboard will change its content. Some sections will stay the same and will be accepted from the start, but you can still make changes to what's inside of them. 

You need to fill in all the sections, set a launch date (which has to be at least 7 days away from the moment you request a campaign review), and then you can submit your campaign for launch. Each review usually takes up to 3 business days. You can still edit your project while it is being reviewed. 

Once your campaign is successfully reviewed, the countdown will start. If it gets rejected, you will be informed about what needs to be improved before submitting it for another review.

Click "submit for launch" and wait for acceptance or feedback.

Setting launch date

We require the launch date to be set at least 7 days after review request. Bear in mind every time the project is rejected, it affects the launch date. Every time you submit your project for review, the launch date has to be updated. If you need the campaign to launch sooner that 7 days after sending review request, please contact us to change the launch date manually.

NOTE: The launch hour matches your computer's time zone.

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