Exporting payment details

If you run a crowdfunding campaign on the platform, you can export all orders and their details, including payment and taxes. Open the project you want to manage, click "Orders" at the top and choose "Payments" from the menu. You'll see a list of all orders made in this project.

NOTE: The list contains only completed payments.

Exporting specific orders

If you need to export only a certain group of payments, click "Filters" and depending on your needs choose the filtering options. To add more filtering by when the payment was created, click "add/remove filter". Remember to click "apply filter" when you're done. Click the box to check all filtered orders you want to export and click "export selected" in the top right corner:

Exporting all orders

If you simply want to export all orders in your project, check the box next to "Created" and click "export selected":

Payment status explanation:

Incomplete - payment started but not yet finished (in pledge manager)

Completed - paid by the backer (both crowdfunding and pledge manager)

Deferred - backer added payment details but payment provider hasn't collected the payment (in crowdfunding)

Deferred with error - when payment for a pledge made in crowdfunding encounters an error (in crowdfunding)

Canceled - canceled by the creator on backer's request

Exported file:

The file contains all basic information about the orders but also some additional data, such as:

Payment ID - internal payment number added by our system

Currency - project currency

Total fees - platform fee and payment processing fee

Tax - tax amount for transactions in which indirect tax liability shifts to Gamefound

Amount due for creator - the amount creator will get without tax and fees

Provider payment ID - payment ID of an external payment provider

Payment processing fee – The fee charged by Payment Partner (Adyen)
Payment type – It determines whether we have chosen a Single or Installment payment
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