Creator's Digest

About Creator's Digest

Creator's Digest is a summary of recent actions and comments in your projects. You can decide how often we'll prepare this info for you or unsubscribe from Creator's Digest if you don't need it. The summary includes the number of new and canceled pledges, changes in follower numbers, and new comments. We'll also show the most heated discussions about your projects. To ensure you receive fewer emails, we put together all your projects within one message.

The digests will be sent at the same time. Depending on your frequency choice:

Daily: midnight (UTC)

Weekly: Monday 2 AM (UTC)

Monthly: first day of the month at 4 AM (UTC)

You won't receive the email if there are no updates in your projects (no new comments, no pledges, no change in followers).

Who can get Creator's Digest?

Everyone with a creator-level role will receive it. What does it mean? The project admin has to add a proper role to a person. To do that, the creator with the admin role has to visit the person's profile (go to "Users" to see the full user list and find and click the one you want to add), scroll down to "Project & creator roles," click the "Creators" tab and "add creator roles." Adding any role will enable Creator's Digest for this person.

Below you'll see all roles enabled to this person. You can edit or remove this at any time.

Changing frequency and disabling Creator's Digest

To change the frequency or turn off Creator's Digest, go to "Creator," and you'll automatically see the "General" settings.

Bear in mind that you're changing the frequency for all recipients of Creator's Digest. The frequency can be changed by the project admin, editor, credit, and invoicing manager.

Unsubscribing from Creator's Digest

Everyone can unsubscribe from the emails in their Communication Preferences on their account.

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