General project settings

Here you'll find the description of general project settings.

Project name

This is how your project will be displayed to backers. You can change the project name at any time.

Project URL

The URL address of your project. You can edit it until the project is published. After publishing, it's impossible to change the URL.

Project categories

Categories define the genre and type of your project. They are displayed in the project story at the top of project page.

Project thumbnail

A miniature image of your project. It's used as display picture on project tiles on Gamefound. Recommended size: 700x700.

Cover image

The cover image is displayed on the project page as a background image. It will have a darkening filter added automatically. Recommended size: 1743x498 (21:6 proportion).

Social media image

A miniature used when promoting your project on social media. If you don't add this image, Avatar image will be used instead. Recommended size: 1200x630.

Displayed funding value

The funding amount shown in the project. You can choose to show all funding (including pledge manager, shipping, etc.) or only the amount collected during crowdfunding.

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