We offer complex crowdfunding and pledge manager services depending on your needs.

Read more about fees here.

NOTE: If your project doesn't reach its goal, you don't pay anything, including payment processing fees.

Fees for using Gamefound as a crowdfunding platform (platform fee + payment processing)

Platform fee: we take 5% of the collected amount.

Payment processing: a fixed fee in the project currency + 0.2 (e.g., $0.2 when $ is the project currency) applies to every transaction.

Example: If your project raises $10,000, Gamefound deducts its fee of $500 and payment processing fee of $320 (assuming 100 transactions). The payout you receive in your bank account amounts to $9.180.

Pledge manager fees

You don't pay us anything for managing pledges. We take 5% of each successfully collected payment and a fixed payment processing fee of 3% + 0.2 per transaction in project currency (e.g., $0.2 when $ is the project currency).

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