Enabling Sales Tax

You can enable Sales Tax for backers with shipping locations in the US. If you don’t want to collect a flat tax rate, Sales Tax allows for an accurate tax calculation based on the exact address, down to the specific street, and works automatically using an external service (TaxCloud).

To enable Sales Tax for the entire US, go to Project -> Settings -> Shipping & taxes -> Locations. Then, click "North America" and find "United States." Click the preview icon to see the settings. Use the switch to turn on or off the Sales Tax:

Enabling the Sales Tax rate lookup option automatically puts “based on address” in the “Tax Rate” section, allowing the tax to be calculated based on the backer’s exact address.

If you want to decide on a rate option for specific states in the US, you can do that in the “Sublocations” section.

If you decide on a rate option for the entire US, every state will have the same rate, but you can still change the rate for specific states manually in the “Sublocations” section.

Click "Save" to save the settings.

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