Creator comment management

As a creator, you can view all comments left in all your projects in Creator -> Comments.

To view all comments in a specific project, open the project and click Project -> Comments.

You'll see all comments in one place. Each comment is marked with its localization, so you can quickly go where it was posted (updates or comment section) or go to the backer profile.

NOTE: Everyone with "Admin" and "Moderator" roles can access the comment section. Read about adding roles here.

Click the "Reply" button to reply to the comment directly:

You can also use filters to find the comment you're looking for:

Each comment has a language tag (added automatically by AI). You can filter comments by language. You can also tag the comments with proper language yourself:

This is especially helpful if your project has a multi-language community and you want your moderators to easily find comments in a specific language.

You can also search by a specific phrase, nickname, or choose a date range.

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