Importing and exporting shipping setup

You can export and import setups for shipping models and zones. To do that, go to Project -> Settings and choose "Shipping models" or "Shipping zones" in "Shipping and taxes."

To export the shipping setup, click "export shipping configuration."

You'll get an Excel file with the configuration.

To import the setup, click "import shipping configuration." You'll see the following info:

Choose a file and click "Import." Your shipping configuration from the file will be applied to your project.

You can also easily modify the file to make changes in the spreadsheet to change the weight and shipping cost, assign countries to other shipping zones, etc. Then, you can import the file with changes to replace the setup you have on the platform.

So, to make a lot of changes in the setup, it's better to export the file, change what you need in the spreadsheet, and import it to automatically upload the changes to the setup.

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