Can I edit my pledge in pledge manager?

Yes, you can modify your pledge. To change its content, click the cart icon in the top right corner. You'll see your current pledge or a "View pledges" button if you have more than one in your cart:

If you want to edit the pledge you already paid, click the account settings icon and then "My projects"

Click the button to see the list of all your current pledges where you can edit their content.

If you haven't paid for your pledge yet, you can edit the following:

- add and remove items and change their quantity

- change product options (language, color, size, etc.)

- change the shipping address

- choose the shipping method (if there is more than one)

- choose the payment method

If you paid for your pledge, it may be possible that you won't be able to change some of its elements.

Editing the pledge is possible until the creator changes the shipping status to "ready for shipping" or "shipped". The creator can also limit the ability to edit pledges in some cases. If you can't edit your pledge and it hasn't been shipped yet, contact the creator.

NOTE: The pledge amount cannot be lower than already paid. If you remove items and the pledge value is too low, you'll see a proper error message when checking out.

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