Adding discounts

You can add free credits to a user (backer) account. Click the tool button in the top right corner and choose the project you want to manage from the list on the left. Go to "Users" and choose "Users" from the dropdown list.

You can add credits to a user manually. To add credits, choose the user you want to give credits to from the user list and click on their name or email:

You’ll see their user profile. To add credits, click "add/remove" in the credits field:

You’ll see the following window:

Enter the number of credits you want to add, choose the currency, and add a reason (description) why the account received free credits. Click save to confirm.

You can also remove the credits you added. To remove credits, add "-" before the subtracted amount.

NOTE: The credits will appear as a DISCOUNT at checkout.

The discount will be applied automatically, but the order amount cannot be lower than 1 in the project currency. So if you give a $100 discount on a $100 order, the applied discount will be $99 because the minimum order value is $1.

If you give a $100 discount to a $110 order, the full discount will be applied, and the amount to pay will be $10.

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