Reward and add-on options

If you want to add options to a product, like, for example, size, language versions, or color, click the tool button in the top right corner and click "Products" on the top. Choose the type of product you want to manage from the dropdown list.


When you choose "Add-ons" from the dropdown list, you'll see all add-ons you created. Choose the add-on you want to edit and click its name or the "View details" icon. On the left, you'll see a list of product settings. Click "Options."


When you choose "Rewards" from the dropdown list, you'll see all rewards you created. Choose the reward you want to edit, then click "Reward items" and click the name or the "View details" icon of the item you want to add options to. On the left, you'll see a list of product settings. Click "Options."

Adding options

Once you click "Options" in the product settings menu, you'll see the following window:

Here you can add product options. Click "+ add option" to add a new product option. Click the three-dot button to see the menu. If you have a few options, you can drag and drop to change positions or use the menu to move their positions up or down.

NOTE: This works only with product pieces. It's impossible to add options to product sets.

If you want to change the option name, click the three-dot button. Click "Delete" to remove the option. "Add value" allows adding suboptions, such as small, medium, big for size, etc.

You can disable the value when you run out of this product option (you sell out all small sizes, for example). To edit or delete values, click the three-dot button on the right. You can define SKU for every value. If a product has a few options to choose from, the SKU of selected options will be combined and added to the product SKU when you generate a report.

NOTE: It's impossible to remove an option or value if a backer added it to a pledge.

Price increase

If you want a specific value to influence the price of the option (e.g., XL t-shirt costs an extra $2), you can add the extra price in "Price increase." This will add the additional price to the basic price of the product when this value is selected.

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