Changing shipping status

As a creator, you can change the order shipping status. Click the tool button in the top right corner, choose the project you want to manage from the list on the left, and click "Orders." You'll see a list of all orders made in this project. To find the order you want to edit, you can search the order list using filters. You can search by order ID, emails, customer name, statuses, and orders containing a specific product:

In "Statuses" you have a list of all available order statuses. Check the box of the status of orders you want to change and click "Apply filter." You'll see a list of all orders with statuses you ticked. To mark all these orders, tick the box next to the "Order ID" at the top of the table. To make a group change of statuses of the chosen orders, click "Set shipping status" at the top of the page:

You'll see the following window:

Click the list under "New status" to choose the new status of the orders. You can add a public note for your backers (for example, "your order has been shipped") and a private note for your eyes only. Click "Update" to save the changes.

NOTE: This method allows to change the chosen status(es) to one new status. It means you cannot make a few status changes at once. To edit a few statuses at once, you have to export all orders as an excel file and make the changes in the file, and then import the orders with updated statuses. To implement the changes to statuses, select the orders you want to edit or all orders and click "Export." You can easily introduce all changes in an Excel file. After implementing all the changes, save the file and click "Upload status changes." All orders with updated statuses should appear on the list.

Upload status changes

For bulk update of status, you have to export selected orders that you want to update and, depending on the type of export, copy and paste the following information into the uploading file:

So, first, you need the order ID (ctrl+f  OrderPublicID in the file) or order code (ctrl+f OrderCode in the file). Find it, copy and paste it into the first row. If you want to find the current status of an order, search "OrderState." Then, enter the updated status:

Status to enter in excel Displayed on Gamefound as Description
ReadyForShipping Preparing for shipping The pledge was packed and is about to be shipped.
PartiallyShipped Partially shipped A part of the pledge was shipped.
Shipped Shipped The pledge has been shipped.
Completed Completed The pledge was completed.

Note" and "Private note" columns are optional. You can keep them or add notes. "Note" is a comment for the customer. It will be displayed in order status history and email notifications. "Private note" is a note you can make for yourself. Your customer will never see it.

This is what the filled-in file should look like:

Once the file is ready, go to "Orders" and click "Upload status changes." You'll see the following window:

You can choose to send notifications to users about the status update. Choose the file and click "Upload." The statuses should be updated.

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