Media kit for promotion

In this article, you’ll find some useful information and assets for promoting your campaign. You can also read about top banners on Gamefound.

Gamefound Logo – whenever you’d like to use Gamefound’s logo to promote your campaign, you’ll find it there. Please don’t change it (like colors, proportions, etc.), and maintain a safe area around it. You’ll find logos in both RGB and CMYK formats. The latter is to be used for printed materials only. Click here to download.

Stretch Pay logo – if you want to promote your project using Stretch Pay, you can download the assets here.

Stable Pledge – if you want to promote your project using Stable Pledge, you can download the assets here.

Social Media Stickers – if you plan to create graphics for social media, you can use our pre-made stickers with popular information, such as “Soon on Gamefound” or “Last 48 hours”. If you prefer to make such stickers by yourself, it’s also completely fine. Click to download:

Social media promotion

If you’d like to be featured on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), please send us ready-for-publishing graphics with a visible project name and our logo (you can find the logo kit above). You can also provide us with the copy you’d like to publish with our posts, or we can create it for you. Because many projects are appearing on GF, we sometimes have to choose the projects to feature on our social media, and we can’t guarantee all will be promoted. If you don’t send us any assets, we can’t promise you’ll be featured on our social media channels.

Asset requirements:

Facebook & Instagram posts: .jpg and .png formats, square images, min. 720x720p with "live on" and no copy

Facebook stories: .jpg and .png formats, 9x16 with proper CTA (soon on, live on, back now, ending soon - preferably all versions)

You can send us a dropbox link or .zip file to

Here are some examples:



If you have questions about marketing services, contact us at

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