Limiting pledging possibility

You can easily change the possibility of pledging to your project in "Project settings" -> "Orders." 

Here, you can decide if the pledge manager should be open, closed (Read about closing the pledge manager here), or open for specific groups (you define the groups yourself). You can also decide if the project accepts new pledges or not, or if you'd like to collect only the shipping details. When a project is open or open for specific people, backers can modify their pledges or add shipping details. If the project is closed, no modifications in pledges are allowed.

Opening for chosen groups

To open the project for specific groups, choose "Open for specific groups" and choose the groups from the list below. Then, define if the group can make new pledges or add only shipping details.

In this case, only backers from the selected group (e.g., backers invited via email) will be able to add new pledges, edit the pledges they already placed, and add shipping details.

Collecting only shipping details

If you want to collect only shipping details from your backers and disable new pledges or the ability of pledge editing, leave the pledge manager status as "Open," switch the toggle next to "Accept new pledges" to "No" and "Shipping only" to "Yes." This option can also be enabled for specific groups only.

Note: Enabling "Shipping only" will automatically turn off accepting new pledges. If you want to enable new pledges again, you have to turn off "Shipping only" first and then turn on "accept new pledges."

Preparing for shipping stage

You can also define if backers can add new items to their pledge in the "Preparing for shipping stage" or if they can change their shipping address:

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