Changing product visibility and adding discounts to groups

As a creator, you can decide which products will be visible to specific backer groups. To limit product visibility to backer groups, you have to set up product groups first. Click the tool button in the top right corner, choose the project you want to manage from the list on the left, then click "Products" in the top menu and choose "Product groups". Click "+ add a product group" to add a group. You'll see the following window:

Enter the group name in the field below "Name" and click the green button on the right to save it. You should see the following window:

On the right, there are two buttons. Click the pencil button to edit the group name and the three-dot button to delete the group or view group details. When you click "View details", the following window will appear:

First, add products to the group. Click "Add products to this group" and choose products from the list. The list contains all products you've created, including product sets.

If you want to make the product group visible only to selected groups of backers, click "Add a user group" under "Limit visibility to use groups." The products from this group will be visible only to the backer groups you added here. You can remove backer groups from here at all times.

On the right, there is a field where you can manage group discounts. Click "+ add discount" to define the discount value and choose to which group it should be applied. You can add only one group at a time. Click "Save" to save your choice.

NOTE: Assuming the group discount is 10% - Discount % in product groups is calculated based on regular price. If a product has a discount price, the system will take the lower amount:

In this case, the discount price is 559 EUR and it's lower than the regular price -10% (which will give 730,8 EUR ). So the order won't show "Discount" but the standard price taken from the discount price.

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