Creator dashboard and settings in crowdfunding

As a creator, you have access to all your projects, their settings, pledges made by backers, and the backer list.
The first tab of a creator profile contains "Creator Dashboard", "Creator Settings""My Projects", where you can manage your account and projects.
Creator Dashboard
Creator dashboard is the "center" of all projects. To go to the dashboard, click the tool button in the top right corner. Choose  "Creator dashboard" from the menu at the top of the page. You’ll be transferred to the creator dashboard, where you can create a project and edit creator settings. The dashboard also includes income analysis, order stats, analytics, rankings, and the list of all projects grouped alphabetically or by most recent and most active.
Creator Settings
This is the place where you can edit your name and description, billing information, identity, and social channels.
My Projects
Here you will see a list of all your projects, their type, status, and publishing date. You can easily navigate between projects by using filters. In "All projects" you can also add a new project. Read about how to set up a late pledge stage or a pledge manager or how to set up a crowdfunding campaign.
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