Getting started with pledge manager and late pledge

Thanks for choosing Gamefound as the pledge manager for your project. If you're running your first campaign on Gamefound, read on.

Not sure how much it all costs? Here's an article about fees.

Getting started with the pledge manager and late pledge

To start a project, go here and choose "External campaign," and add the required information.

You'll be asked about the funding and backer number of your crowdfunding campaign, as well as the campaign currency. You'll also have to choose if you're acting as a business or an individual creator.

Once you fill them in, you can move to project settings or the project dashboard.

Choosing between the late pledge and pledge manager

Late pledge - when you collect pledges after funding your campaign without defining shipping costs. You don't have to use this stage; you can move on directly to the pledge manager.

Pledge manager - when backers can make the final choice on their products, provide shipping details, and pay any outstanding fees (such as shipping fee or the amount for any extra products they added). You can launch the pledge manager after you set up shipping.

More about preparing a late pledge and pledge manager.

Once you decide if you want to open a late pledge or pledge manager, you can start setting up the project page. Our project dashboard will tell you what you need to do:

When you're finished, we need to verify your project. Remember to click "submit for review" when you're ready. When your project gets accepted, you can publish it yourself by clicking "launch pledge manager" or "launch late pledge."

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