Enhanced reconciliation reports

If you are an Admin or an Invoice Manager for the project, navigate to the „Project” tab, and select „Finances” to get information on: 

  • Payout history - Past payouts, along with the lists of all transactions bundled within a single transfer to your bank account. 
  • Pending balance – Total amount of sales and refunds that payment providers are still processing. These funds will be moved to the current balance within five days. 
  • Confirmed balance – Sum of all settled transactions ready to be paid out. This can change as we continue processing payments, cancellations, and other adjustments. 
  • Reserve – An amount that you wish to set aside from your confirmed balance as a buffer for refunds. You may change the Reserve value directly on this screen. 
  • Next payout – The amount you will receive in your next payout and the date the next payout is scheduled. 

Note: If you started preparing your project prior to January 2024, only basic information on the balances of the funds may be displayed, („Current balance” and „Pending balance” as presented below). In case you would like to obtain access to the new reporting described in this article, please reach out to your contact person at Gamefound, requesting migration to Enhanced Reporting. The side effect of the migration will be a change in payment processing time (time between authorization of charge on backer’s payment method and classification of the transaction as ready for payout, “Confirmed balance”) from around three business days to five calendar days – this may slightly impact project liquidity. 

Payout details

You can easily delve into the details of transactions bundled within a single payout. To do so, select an eye icon next to a payout (“View Details”).

To browse the list of all transactions, go to "Transactions" on the menu list. Use filters to narrow down the search.

All the records can be exported as an Excel file for convenient processing. Select the transaction(s) and click "export" button at the top of the page.

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