Getting started with crowdfunding

Thanks for choosing Gamefound for your crowdfunding platform. If you're running your first campaign on Gamefound, read on.

Not sure how much it all costs? Here's an article about fees.

Getting started with your campaign

To start a project, you have to provide us with business data. It has to be verified by our payment processor. Read more about business data here.

On Gamefound, there are 4 stages of a project:

Preview - when you tease your idea to potential backers, promote it, and gather followers. We recommend launching a countdown to the campaign launch about a week earlier. The campaign preview should include at least a project description with graphics. You can add a gift or discount for the followers. During the preview, you can prepare everything for the crowdfunding stage (rewards, extra sections, etc.).

Crowdfunding - when you raise funds and actively promote your campaign. Before you launch the crowdfunding, you have to add rewards (with proper taxes), pin a reward, write a thank you message, inform about risks and refunds, and set the goal and launch/end date. You can turn on installments and the Stable Pledge program.

Late pledge - when you collect pledges after funding your campaign without defining shipping costs. You don't have to use this stage; you can move on directly to the pledge manager. Remember about a 15-day gap between crowdfunding's end and the late pledge launch.

Pledge manager - when backers can make the final choice on their products, provide shipping details, and pay any outstanding fees (such as shipping fee or the amount for any extra products they added). You can launch the pledge manager after you set up shipping.

Read more about preparing late pledge and pledge manager.

What's not allowed?

If you're not sure if you can run a campaign on our platform, read more here.

NOTE: We don't recommend crowdfunding on multiple platforms at the same time. Our experience proves it has the opposite effect. We will refuse to run a campaign that is being funded somewhere else or stop the campaign run on Gamefound if it launches simultaneously on another website.

We also don't allow running a campaign for a game or other product currently available in stores, on the publisher's website, or anywhere else. We allow reprints of games that are no longer available on the market.

EU VAT and tax handling

Gamefound handles the EU VAT settlement for creators. Read more about taxes and EU VAT handling on Gamefound.

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